How to Screen Record on iPhone: Easy Guide

Did you know that over 50% of iPhone users are unaware of the screen recording feature on their devices? If you’re one of them, you’re missing out on a powerful tool that can capture moments, create tutorials, and save videos directly from your iPhone screen.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to screen record on your iPhone, allowing you to unleash the full potential of this feature. Whether you want to share your gaming achievements, demonstrate app functionalities, or save online videos, screen recording on your iPhone is the answer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Screen recording on iPhone is a powerful tool to capture moments and create tutorials.
  • Over 50% of iPhone users are unaware of the screen recording feature.
  • Screen recording on iPhone allows you to save videos directly from your device’s screen.
  • Screen recording on iPhone can be used for various purposes, such as sharing gaming achievements or demonstrating app functionalities.
  • By following our easy guide, you can easily learn how to screen record on your iPhone and unlock endless possibilities.

Understanding Screen Recording on iPhone

How to Screen Record on iPhone

Before you start screen recording on your iPhone, it’s important to understand the various options and settings available. In this section, we will explore some valuable screen recording tips, recommend the best screen recorder app for iPhone, and provide insights on recording high-quality videos.

Screen Recording Tips

  • Keep your iPhone charged: Ensure your device has enough battery power to complete the entire recording without interruption.
  • Clear unnecessary clutter: Close any unnecessary apps or windows on your iPhone to avoid distractions in your screen recording.
  • Enable Do Not Disturb: Avoid interruptions from notifications or calls by enabling the Do Not Disturb mode before you start recording.
  • Adjust audio settings: Choose whether to record audio from your device, or use an external microphone for better sound quality.

Best Screen Recorder App for iPhone

While iOS provides built-in screen recording functionality, opting for a dedicated screen recorder app can enhance your recording experience. One such app is ScreenRecord, available for download on the App Store. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, ScreenRecord is considered one of the best screen recorder apps for iPhone.

Recording High-Quality Videos

To ensure a high-quality screen recording on your iPhone, follow these guidelines:

  1. Choose the appropriate resolution: Select a resolution that suits your recording needs, balancing video quality and file size.
  2. Optimize frame rate: Consider your preferences and the nature of the content you want to record when selecting the frame rate. Higher frame rates result in smoother videos but may consume more storage space.
  3. Utilize external accessories: Enhance the clarity and stability of your screen recordings by utilizing external accessories such as tripods or stabilizers.

“Screen recording on your iPhone can be a powerful tool for capturing and sharing experiences, tutorials, or gameplay. Understanding the available options and following best practices can elevate the quality of your recordings and help you achieve your desired results.”

Recommended Screen Recorder App

Intuitive InterfaceYes
Advanced Editing ToolsNo
External Audio SupportYes
Customizable SettingsYes

How to Screen Record on iPhone: Step-by-Step Instructions

Now that you have a better understanding of screen recording on your iPhone, it’s time to put that knowledge into action. In this section, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of initiating a screen recording, adjusting important settings, capturing audio, and more. By following these instructions, you’ll quickly become a pro at screen recording on your iPhone.

Step 1: Enable Screen Recording

The first step is to enable the screen recording feature on your iPhone. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Control Center by swiping down from the upper-right corner on iPhone X and later models, or swipe up from the bottom edge on iPhone 8 and earlier models.
  2. Look for the Screen Recording icon, which looks like a solid white circle inside a larger circle. If you don’t see it, you may need to add it to your Control Center. Go to the Settings app, select Control Center, and customize the included icons.
  3. Tap the Screen Recording icon to start the recording process.

Step 2: Adjust Screen Recording Settings

Before you start recording, consider adjusting a few important settings to enhance your screen recordings:

  • Microphone Audio: By default, your iPhone captures both the audio from your device and any ambient sound. To disable recording audio, simply tap on the Microphone Audio button in the Control Center to turn it off.
  • External Audio Sources: If you want to record audio from an external source, such as a microphone or headphones, you can connect it to your iPhone before starting the screen recording.
  • Screen Orientation: You can choose to lock the screen orientation during the recording to ensure a consistent view of your content. Simply swipe down on the Control Center to access the Screen Recording icon again and tap the Lock Orientation button to enable it.

Step 3: Start and Stop Screen Recording

Now that you have enabled screen recording and adjusted the necessary settings, it’s time to actually start recording:

  1. Open the app or screen that you want to record. Ensure it is displayed exactly as you want it to be captured in the recording.
  2. Swipe down from the upper-right corner (iPhone X and later) or swipe up from the bottom edge (iPhone 8 and earlier) to access the Control Center.
  3. Tap the Screen Recording icon to start recording. You will see a three-second countdown before the recording begins.
  4. During the recording, a red bar will appear at the top of your screen, indicating that the screen recording is in progress.
  5. To stop the recording, tap the red bar at the top of the screen and confirm by selecting Stop.

Step 4: Access and Share Your Screen Recordings

Once you have finished recording, you can access and share your screen recordings in a few easy steps:

  1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Albums tab and select the “Recents” album.
  3. You will find your screen recordings listed there. Tap on the recording to view it.
  4. To share your recording, tap the Share button and choose your preferred method of sharing, such as messaging, email, or social media.

That’s it! You now have all the knowledge needed to successfully screen record on your iPhone. Start capturing tutorials, sharing memorable moments, and exploring the endless possibilities that screen recording offers.

1Enable Screen Recording
2Adjust Screen Recording Settings
3Start and Stop Screen Recording
4Access and Share Your Screen Recordings

Saving and Managing Your Screen Recordings on iPhone

Once you’ve successfully recorded your iPhone screen, it’s important to know how to save and manage your recordings. This section will cover different methods to save screen recordings on iPhone, including how to save recordings without sound. We will also provide tips on managing and organizing your screen recordings for easy access.

Saving Screen Recordings on iPhone

When it comes to saving your screen recordings on iPhone, you have a few options. Here are the most common methods:

  1. Save to Photos App: After recording your screen, the simplest way to save the recording is by tapping the preview thumbnail that appears at the bottom left corner of your screen. This will open the recording in the Photos app, where you can choose to save it to your Camera Roll or a specific album.
  2. Save to Files App: If you prefer to keep your screen recordings organized in the Files app, you can save them directly to a folder or create a new one. Simply tap the share button on the recording preview and select “Save to Files.” Choose the desired location, and your recording will be safely stored for future access.

Saving Screen Recordings without Sound

If you want to save a screen recording without capturing audio, you can easily disable the microphone before starting the recording. Here’s how:

  1. Open Control Center: Swipe down from the top right corner (or bottom, depending on your iPhone model) to access Control Center.
  2. Tap the Microphone Icon: In Control Center, locate the microphone icon and tap it to disable it. The icon should turn red, indicating that the microphone is muted.
  3. Start the Screen Recording: Once the microphone is disabled, follow the regular steps to initiate a screen recording. Your iPhone will now capture the screen without any sound.

Managing and Organizing Your Screen Recordings

To keep your screen recordings organized and easily accessible, consider implementing the following tips:

  • Create Folders: Use the Files app to create separate folders for different types of screen recordings. For example, you can have folders for tutorials, gameplay videos, or work-related recordings.
  • Add Descriptive Names: Give each screen recording a descriptive name that reflects its content. This will make it easier to search for specific recordings later on.
  • Use Tags: If you’re using iOS 15 or later, take advantage of the tagging feature in the Files app. Assign relevant tags to your screen recordings to further categorize and organize them.
  • Backup Your Recordings: To safeguard your screen recordings, regularly backup your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes. This will protect your recordings from accidental deletion or loss due to device issues.

By following these methods for saving and managing your screen recordings on iPhone, you can easily access and organize your videos for future use. Now that you’ve mastered the art of screen recording, let’s move on to the conclusion section to wrap up our guide.


Congratulations! You have now mastered the art of screen recording on your iPhone. By following our easy guide and utilizing the recommended tips and tricks, you can effortlessly capture and save videos from your iPhone screen.

With screen recording, you can preserve memorable moments, create engaging tutorials, or save important videos for future reference. The possibilities are endless, and the power is in your hands.

Start exploring the world of screen recording today and unlock a whole new level of creativity. Whether you want to share your gaming achievements, demonstrate a new app, or document important information, your iPhone screen can now be your canvas.

So, go ahead, unleash your creativity, capture your screen, and share your unique videos with the world. Get ready to make a lasting impact with your iPhone screen recordings!

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